Surfboards, unfortunately, are not constructed of sustainable materials. The most environmentally friendly option is to make boards that last and boards that you want to last. I am always happy to do ding repair because keeping a great board going is better than creating a new board. If you decide you want a new board, consider picking a board that will satisfy you for a long time, over many conditions and will be something you want to hold on to. I try to make boards like that, where every detail is considered and selected for you. I encourage all of my customers to become involved in the process because that yields a better board and a better experience. Every board that I make and every repair that I do is done with the goal of creating a quality, lasting product that stokes out both the customer and myself. The joy of surfing should not be exclusive. The ocean is for everyone to enjoy. 

All of the products and materials carried and used in the store are manufactured in the US and, when possible, California.  Recycled or sustainable materials are used in almost all of the products sold by RD.


RD Surfboards is a small custom surfboard manufacturing and ding repair business located in Santa Monica, CA.  RD is run by Rhett Roback who was born and raised in West Los Angeles.  Rhett's background in composite construction was put to good use when he started repairing and making surfboards. Rhett has a MS from UCLA in Environmental Health Sciences and a BS from UC Irvine. In addition to surfing, Rhett loves sailing, rock climbing, photography and basically any reason to get outside.  He has a wonderful wife and a stinky dog to keep him company.